​​February 28th - March 1st. 

         CRHL Playoff Rules 2019/20 

1. Seeding. a. Seeding for the post season playoffs are determined by how the teams finished after the completion of the regular season games. b. Higher seed is the home team for all playoff games. c. Home team will wear white jerseys, and the visiting team will wear dark jerseys. 

2. Game Format: a. Squirt 10U, Peewee 12U, Bantam 14U, and Midget 18U levels: 3 minute warm-up, 1 minute between periods (or referee discretion). Two run time 15 minute periods. Third period will be 12 minute stop time. One – 30 second timeout is allowed per team. Third period 6 goal run time differential. b. OVERTIME: 3 minute 3 vs 3 overtime. If still tied 3 person shootout. If still tied, 1 for 1 shootout. 

Division                          Host Association

2019/20 CRHL playoffs information.

NOTE: Playoff games may be played as early as Friday evening February 28th. 

Squirt 10U Red                                  Lafayette 

Squirt 10U White (North)                   Hyland Hills  

Squirt 10U White (South)                  Littleton

Squirt 10U Blue                                 Littleton 

PW 12U Red                                     Hyland Hills

PW 12U White                                   Foothills

PW 12U Blue                                     Arapahoe 

Bantam 14U Red                              Woodland Park 

Bantam 14U White                            Airforce 

Bantam 14U Blue                              NCYH               

Midget 18U Red                                Arvada             

Midget 18U White                              Hyland Hills

Midget 18U Blue                                Greeley